During these unprecedented times, governments face a pressing need to forge stronger connections among agencies, citizens, and communities. The recent pandemic has made it abundantly clear that government networks must undergo a modernisation revolution. With the imminent arrival of 5G, the demands on network infrastructure have reached new heights, necessitating increased capacity, scalability, security, and resilience. This is where wireless transport systems, Private LTE, and Virtual Fibre platforms play an integral role, purpose-built to deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments.

These platforms can seamlessly integrate, working together harmoniously under a unified premise or hosted cloud-based management system, providing lightning-fast connectivity with minimal latency. By implementing these, Afren is able to empower government offices, agencies, and organisations across Africa. Regulatory compliance is upheld through adherence to international security standards, while the complexity, risk, and cost of wireless networks are minimised

With Afren, governments can embrace the future of connectivity with confidence and security.



Your network is the backbone that empowers your dedicated team, granting them secure and seamless access to essential resources whilst acting as a catalyst for efficient and swift services to your valued citizens, ensuring their needs are met promptly. As you embark on the journey of transitioning your legacy network to embrace novel critical services and applications, your network must evolve, keeping in stride with growing demands, and fortifying its security and resilience, all while adhering to the financial constraints of tight budgets. This endeavour requires not only technical prowess but also a touch of creativity to strike the perfect balance between functionality and innovation.

Challenges you may face

  • Increase network capacity to support new services
  • Network modernization
  • Increased network reliability and resilience
  • Mobile/nomadic connectivity
  • Maintaining new IP and legacy TDM applications support
  • Enhanced network security
  • Intra-agency connectivity
  • CAPEX/ OPEX management and TCO reduction
  • Comprehensive network visibility and management


At Afren, we specialise in implementing wireless backhaul and access radio systems that bring a touch of dynamism to network evolution and modernisation. Our mission is to create a world where multi-gigabit speeds and low latency pave the way for effortlessly connected experiences. Our OEMS have committed to designing and supporting mission-critical wireless backbone and access networks that are as reliable as they are innovative. With top-notch engineering, installation, support, and services, we're here to cater to agencies' demands. By working with us, you'll discover a seamless path toward solutioning that minimises the risks, complexities, and costs associated with building, operating, and maintaining wireless networks.


  • Multi-gigabit, software scalable performance to 10 Gbps and above
  • Lowest latency for critical services and applications
  • Integrated networking, IP/MPLS, and SDN
  • Extreme frequency efficiency
  • Double link capacity in a single transceiver
  • Higher transmit power, better receiver sensitivity
  • Seamless channel and bandwidth aggregation
  • Integrated routers for single converged transport network infrastructure
  • Hosted software applications to optimise network management

Featured solutions

Health Assurance Software (HAS)

Network operators are always seeking to improve network performance and reliability, but real-time monitoring and management of a microwave network is challenging and labor-intensive. Aviat’s Health Assurance Software (HAS) is a critical cloud-based software tool that simplifies the complexity of link management and troubleshooting, greatly improves microwave network reliability and performance, and lowers OPEX.