Public Safety

The pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to public safety agencies, pushing them to their limits. They faced a surge in mission-critical traffic, supporting public health and emergency responses. Rapid response has become the new normal. To adapt to this evolving landscape, agency networks are transitioning to IP/MPLS as they embrace new applications and services. As the era of 5G dawns, these networks will face even greater demands for bandwidth, speed, and reliability. Amidst this transformation, Afren continues to offer top-tier solutions for complex critical infrastructure applications. Our wireless backhaul systems empower agencies with high capacity, robust network security, reliability, and a low total cost of ownership.



Public Safety networks are undergoing remarkable changes, embracing new possibilities and expansion. As the necessity to transition from TDM to IP/MPLS becomes more pressing, agencies may face having to share common inter or intra-agency infrastructure for first-responder traffic. Imagine a unified infrastructure that seamlessly supports the exchange of vital information among various agencies and their dedicated first responders. Picture this: you're venturing into the uncharted territory of captivating technologies like bandwidth-hungry drones and high-definition mobile video. These remarkable advancements demand an extraordinary network capacity and unwavering connectivity, ensuring that real-time insights flow effortlessly.

Challenges you may face

  • Backhaul capacity
  • 5G support
  • Network modernization
  • Link reliability
  • Link monitoring
  • New and legacy applications support
  • Network security
  • Intra-agency connectivity
  • Capital equipment costs
  • Network management
  • Operating expenses


Afren’s solution-specific wireless transport systems are crafted for challenging environments that crave unyielding robustness, exceptional performance, and boundless scalability. Our solutions bestow upon you the power of multi-gigabit speeds, empowering you with vast capacity and the gift of minimal latency, paving the way for a world where seamless and secure connectivity reigns supreme. Network outages are not an option for mission-critical networks. Downtime can lead to severe consequences – loss of productivity, loss of revenue, even loss of life. The CTR 8740 transport router provides High Availability at fiber and wireless sites with lowest TCO. It ensures no single point of failure and eliminates traffic disruptions. Our OEM partner, Aviat Networks is now one of only a few router vendors to support High Availability software, with a targeted feature set specifically designed for mission critical networks.


  • Multi-gigabit, software scalable performance to 10 Gbps and above
  • Lowest latency for critical services and applications
  • Integrated networking, IP/MPLS, and SDN
  • Extreme frequency efficiency
  • Double link capacity in a single transceiver
  • Higher transmit power, better receiver sensitivity
  • Seamless channel and bandwidth aggregation
  • Integrated routers for single converged transport network infrastructure
  • Hosted software applications to optimise network management

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