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About Us

We are Afren Technologies. Providers of high performance IP backhaul solutions.

Specialising in high-demand, high-availability licensed, and license-exempt, Microwaveand Millimetre wave solutions for both the private and
government sectors.
What we do & How we do it
We have integrated
our supply chain and
introduced innovative products.
At Afren we strive to provide robust, fully integrated solutions by combining best-of-breed technologies with unparalleled levels of service. The best outcome when making any acquisitions that contribute to network growth, is to know that your resources have been spent optimally.

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Understanding & comparing our product specifications made simple!
We stand by our product range; we are able to supply clients with solutions that dovetail with, and extend existing networks as seamlessly as possible.
Our products

An innovative packet radio, the Starlink Microwave Backhaul Radio Link is the perfect license-exempt deployment solution in both urban and rural scenarios.

Introducing the industry’s smallest and lightest E-Band radio from the WTM series, the WTM 3300. The 4100 series offers an all-outdoor configuration that reduces power, space and cooling costs of equipment.
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