Whether its open-pit or underground, the relentless fluctuation of a multitude of factors that directly and indirectly affect profitability and safety have created an urgent need for advanced technology that can streamline mining operations. Mining success hinges on connectivity.

Private LTE networks are a perfect solution for the modern mine. With its exceptional capacity, penetrating power, and unwavering reliability, PLTE networks can overcome and circumvent the unique challenges faced in mining if built and operated to spec. Generic LTE solutions are traditionally built for large mobile networks and are difficult to customise and commercialise for smaller, more dynamic environments. They also don’t take into account the demanding environments often found in mining applications. Robust, Industrialised, purpose-built set of solutions are integral to these environments.



Your network infrastructure is the lifeline of the mine, ensuring the safety of your employees and the harmonious flow of everyday operations. It's like a trusted guardian, defending your business against cyber threats while effortlessly connecting people and devices, even in the most demanding environments. As technology advances, so do the bandwidth-hungry applications that play a pivotal role in safeguarding and utilising your valuable data assets. To handle legacy and new application requirements while reducing interruption, managing expenses, and without sacrificing network performance and reliability, you need cost-effective technology that is needs-specific, not adapted from generic commercial offerings.

Challenges you may face

  • Asset Management
  • Autonomous Mining
  • Industrial IOT
  • Underground Mining
  • Video Surveillance
  • Worker Safety


With the right solution, you can embrace both the legacy and new application requirements, seamlessly integrating them without any disruption, managing costs wisely, and all the while, maintaining optimal network performance and unwavering reliability. Our OEM solutions do this at a fraction of traditional costs. By combining this cutting-edge technology with a tailored EPC ideal for smaller industrial networks, and ultra-reliable, high-capacity licensed wireless backhaul, they unveil a realm of significant savings.


  • Multi-gigabit, software scalable performance to 10 Gbps and above
  • Lowest latency for critical services and applications
  • Integrated networking, IP/MPLS, and SDN
  • Extreme frequency efficiency
  • Double link capacity in a single transceiver
  • Higher transmit power, better receiver sensitivity
  • Seamless channel and bandwidth aggregation
  • Integrated routers for single converged transport network infrastructure
  • Hosted software applications to optimise network management

Featured products

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