The new WTM 4000 microwave solution from Aviat Networks delivers ultra-high capacity capability in single or dual-header architecture options, optimised for all-outdoor applications. With up to 2.5 Gbit/s of throughput and cutting edge microwave networking features, such as unique A2C, the WTM 4000 sets a new benchmark for 4G and 5G
backhaul requirements.

The WTM 4200 is the dual-core full-outdoor microwave solution. Like WTM 4100, it comes with 4096QAM-capable modem, 50Gbps L2/L3 switch, two GE electrical ports and two SFP ports capable of 10GE operation. The WTM 4200 provides the best 2-channel RF performance and is the #1 selling radio in the WTM 4000 family.

The WTM 4800 family is Aviat’s millimeter wave (E-band, 70/80GHz, lightly-licensed) product line. Single-channel E-band up to 10Gbps full-duplex, Dual-channel E-band up to 20Gbps full-duplex, and Multiband (E-band plus Microwave) radios are all available. The Multiband versions come in several single-radio and dual-radio configurations and are the industry-leading solutions for reliable capacity over distance.